culture album

CULTURE ALBUM Tracks: monolith, enlightenment, deeptime, essence, mindprint. culture album from digitalTRAFFIC featuring five ambient electronica tracks exploring future creations and recordings of culture by AI.

Five ambient tracks – a coherent assault on the senses from the first track with heavy sound dissonance and rhythmic patterns reflecting the sounds of future digitised culture – many strange and wonderful electronic tones, vibes, peaks and troughs – a sonic texture for future generations. track: monolith – an ethereal ambient soundscape creating an atmosphere of sonic anticipation. track: enlightenment – a subtle shift of sonic pace and sound – unusual textured electronica soundscape with reversed ambient layers and FX sounds. track: deeptime – ambient electronica layered textures electronica. track: essence – hypnotic ambient electronica soundscene – layered soundscape over rich sonic textures track: mindprint – ambient electronica soundscape – pondering atmospheric dark ambient soundscape.
The album artwork is an impression of our future self – raising questions of the definition of culture in the future of humankinds journey.
(no machines were harmed in the making of this album)

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Music For Businesses – bubl

Introducing bubl – business music stream


Welcome to bubl

bubl creates a bubble of audio ambience and sonic texture to your business environment experience. bubl is an exciting catalogue of genre neutral instrumental music to stream in your business premises.

Experience bubl here and stream the catalogue in your place of business.

Thanks for taking the time to interact.

ABOUT bubl

Hours of mixed genre neutral instrumental music to stream in your business premises. Customer friendly – safe – ambient soundscapes to add sonic texture to your business experience.

No licence required or fees to be paid.
No advertising.
No catch.
Available to stream 24/7/365/global.

Tracks added and rotated regularly increasing continuous stream length.

bubl offers business owners a simple, legal, alternative in-premises music solution.

Original and unique instrumental soundscapes.
Atmospheric and neutral with ambient textures.
Enhance your business environment experience.

Background music soundtracks for streaming in commercial business environments, corporate and business premises – even elevators.
All tracks fadein / fadeout for smooth continuous playlist stream.

The bubl catalogue can be streamed for commercial premises use 24/7/365/global.

All tracks copyright © digitalTRAFFIC.digitalTRAFFIC business music streaming library. Original soundscapes created and produced by digitalTRAFFIC.

bubl is a business music streaming service provided by digitalTRAFFIC.
(no machines were harmed in the making of this music library)


OFNOTE: According to a recent report an estimated 83% of businesses are illicitly using a personal music service like Spotify or Apple Music for public consumption costing the music industry an estimated $2.65bn a year and that more than 21m businesses around the world are probably breaking the law. Beware the sound police.

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Need soundtracks for your multimedia projects

Soundtracks for multimedia projects from digitalTRAFFIC. 
“Mesmerizing, thoughtful and beautifully bizarre.”
 Ambient textures, abstract themes, futuristic atmospheric soundscapes.
Abstract, Ambient, Atmospheric.
Original unique instrumental soundtracks, ambient textures, ethereal neutral.
Includes tracks ideal for epic, majestic, dramatic, powerful, cinematic, fantasy, suspenseful scenes. Dark, earthy, edgy, flowing, intelligent, light, mechanical, melancholic, moody, mysterious, pensive, reflective, sedate, slow, strange.
royalty free and copyright free music tracks for use in multimedia projects, events, vlogs, podcasts, video games, youtube videos, documentaries, apps, software, training videos, films, presentations, adverts and advertising, audiobooks, seminars and conferences, theatre productions, voice-over background music, commercial purposes, business premises, in-store, broadcasting even elevators.

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choon – exciting new music block chain platform

choon – exciting new music block chain platform

“Tired of earning nothing for your music on Soundcloud and Spotify? Upload your tracks to Choon and join a community of musicians reinventing the music industry.”

Choon is an exciting new music block chain platform –

Whats it all about? Visit digitalTRAFFIC on choon and experience music block chain streaming – free to play and artists earn some #cryptocurrency.


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electronic music playlist

electronic music playlist

just a wee playlist setup on for electronic music artists – to be updated in the future – but for now play and help support independent music.

Track Listing

data breach

… data breach


010 track remix exclusive to @musicoins. a coherent assault on the senses with heavy sound dissonance and rhythmic patterns reflecting the sounds of data traveling over the superhighway and through internet protocols – abstract dark ambient progressive electronica with textured SFX from the digitalTRAFFIC album data.

click to stem the breach …

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