Music For Businesses – bubl

Introducing bubl – business music stream


Welcome to bubl

bubl creates a bubble of audio ambience and sonic texture to your business environment experience. bubl is an exciting catalogue of genre neutral instrumental music to stream in your business premises.

Experience bubl here and stream the catalogue in your place of business.

Thanks for taking the time to interact.

ABOUT bubl

Hours of mixed genre neutral instrumental music to stream in your business premises. Customer friendly – safe – ambient soundscapes to add sonic texture to your business experience.

No licence required or fees to be paid.
No advertising.
No catch.
Available to stream 24/7/365/global.

Tracks added and rotated regularly increasing continuous stream length.

bubl offers business owners a simple, legal, alternative in-premises music solution.

Original and unique instrumental soundscapes.
Atmospheric and neutral with ambient textures.
Enhance your business environment experience.

Background music soundtracks for streaming in commercial business environments, corporate and business premises – even elevators.
All tracks fadein / fadeout for smooth continuous playlist stream.

The bubl catalogue can be streamed for commercial premises use 24/7/365/global.

All tracks copyright © digitalTRAFFIC.digitalTRAFFIC business music streaming library. Original soundscapes created and produced by digitalTRAFFIC.

bubl is a business music streaming service provided by digitalTRAFFIC.
(no machines were harmed in the making of this music library)


OFNOTE: According to a recent report an estimated 83% of businesses are illicitly using a personal music service like Spotify or Apple Music for public consumption costing the music industry an estimated $2.65bn a year and that more than 21m businesses around the world are probably breaking the law. Beware the sound police.

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