Need soundtracks for your multimedia projects

Soundtracks for multimedia projects from digitalTRAFFIC. 
“Mesmerizing, thoughtful and beautifully bizarre.”
 Ambient textures, abstract themes, futuristic atmospheric soundscapes.
Abstract, Ambient, Atmospheric.
Original unique instrumental soundtracks, ambient textures, ethereal neutral.
Includes tracks ideal for epic, majestic, dramatic, powerful, cinematic, fantasy, suspenseful scenes. Dark, earthy, edgy, flowing, intelligent, light, mechanical, melancholic, moody, mysterious, pensive, reflective, sedate, slow, strange.
royalty free and copyright free music tracks for use in multimedia projects, events, vlogs, podcasts, video games, youtube videos, documentaries, apps, software, training videos, films, presentations, adverts and advertising, audiobooks, seminars and conferences, theatre productions, voice-over background music, commercial purposes, business premises, in-store, broadcasting even elevators.

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